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Maryland Taxi Drivers Join National Taxi Workers Alliance

7 hours 18 min ago

The newly formed Montgomery County Professional Drivers Union (MCPDU) will affiliate with the National Taxi Workers Alliance (NTWA). The group signed a memorandum of understanding Thursday to affiliate by Aug. 10. NTWA President Bhairavi Desai said:

Tackling the Root Causes of the Refugee Crisis at the U.S. Border

8 hours 18 min ago

For months, thousands of children and families from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have been turning themselves in at the southern U.S. border, fleeing widespread violence, poverty and corruption in their communities. This influx of refugees has strained the resources of front-line responders and evoked both humanitarian responses from community groups and local unions and xenophobic backlash from right-wing politicians and activists.

Union Sportsmen's Alliance Teams with Interior for National Parks Repair

10 hours 8 min ago

The Union Sportsmen's Alliance (USA) and the U.S. Department of the Interior have partnered to match union members’ skills with projects to rebuild, renew and restore our country’s national parks, national wildlife refuges and other public lands alongside youth and veteran conservation corps.

Here’s What We’re Reading: Friday News Roundup

11 hours 18 min ago

Here are some headlines from the working families’ news we're reading today (after the jump).

Economy Adds 209,000 Jobs in July

11 hours 48 min ago

The economy added 209,000 jobs in July, down from June’s increase of 288,000 new jobs, and the unemployment rate was 6.2%, slightly up from June’s 6.1%, according to figures released this morning by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Obama Acts to Deny Federal Contracts to Labor Law Violators

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 2:08pm

President Barack Obama today signed an executive order that will make it harder for companies with a history of labor law violations such as wage and hour and workplace safety to win federal contracts. Said Obama:

Raise Wages for Everyone, Not Just Some

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 1:00pm

"The defining challenge of our time is flat or falling wages for the vast majority of workers, which is a root cause of many of the problems facing the U.S. economy,” said the AFL-CIO Executive Council in a statement approved today at its summer meeting at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Why You Should Care About the Hobby Lobby Decision

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 11:35am

By now you've probably heard all about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. We don't need to get into all the details here, but the bottom line is: This is a blow to workers' rights, especially for women. 

The AFL-CIO Executive Council today condemned the Hobby Lobby decision made by five male justices as "radical" and said the ruling is a "major blow in the struggle for women’s health and threatens the Affordable Care Act’s goal of ensuring that all working families have access to cost-effective preventive health care."

What's Really Going on with the Economy?

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 11:00am

Since the economic collapse in 2008, premature cries of “recovery and mission accomplished” have repeatedly marred understanding of how the economy continues to struggle and under-perform for all but the very richest Americans. This week, the news has been good, but that news is being used by the “usual suspects” to argue for applying the economic brakes when we still have a long way to get back to full employment.

Infrastructure Condition a ‘Scandal,’ Threatens U.S. Economy, says AFL-CIO Executive Council

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:30am

To keep the United States strong and to ensure the foundation of the economy is sound, the nation’s leaders “must begin by rebuilding the infrastructure that thrust the United States into the modern era but now is out of date and falling apart,” said the AFL-CIO Executive Council in a statement approved Wednesday at its summer meeting in Washington, D.C., at the AFL-CIO headquarters. The council said:

Political gridlock has turned the United States from the nation that led every major advance in public economic development—in rail and transit, roads, sewers, utilities, aviation, shipping and so much more—into a nation that can’t find the will to lead in the 21st century. 

Judge Orders Kellogg to End Lockout, Reinstate Workers

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:00am

A federal judge granted an injunction Wednesday ordering the Kellogg Company to end its lockout of 226 workers—members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 252G—at its Memphis cereal plant and reinstate them to their jobs within five days. The lockout began Oct. 22.

9 Film and TV Teachers Who Deserved Due Process

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 9:00am

Due process gives teachers the support they need to advocate for their students and take risks in the classroom. It protects teachers against nepotism, discrimination and cronyism. Here are nine of our favorite film and TV teachers who deserved due process.

Here’s What We’re Reading: Thursday News Roundup

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 8:00am

Here are some headlines from the working families’ news we're reading today (after the jump).