Chemical plants bring dangers, but also jobs for workers and the community

(Geismar, LA) -- On a Thursday morning in June, Antionette West was lying on a couch in her trailer here, not far from a row of chemical plants near the Mississippi River, when the house began to shake.
She initially thought there had been an explosion at a vinyl chloride plant about a mile away, where an explosion occurred last year.

This time, she saw black smoke coming from another direction. Read more »

Volunteer pipefitters service furnaces across state

Volunteer members of St. Paul Pipefitters Local 455 and Minneapolis Pipefitters Local 539 serviced furnaces for the needy during the 28th Annual HEAT'S ON Program. The day of service safeguards low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners – and reduces their fuel costs. Read more »

A Sheet Metal Career: Priceless

On Columbus Day, dozens of the 160 Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation workers (SMART) training centers opened up their state-of-the-art facilities to the public and introduced politicians, community leaders, architects and prospective students to the apprenticeship programs that teach and shape tomorrow's sheet metal workers. Read more »

Our Heroes Deserve Proper Welcomes

‘Construct Tomorrow’ showcases construction careers

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When Joe Flores graduated from Humboldt High School in 2009, he wasn’t interested in going to college. Given the opportunity to enroll as an apprentice with Bricklayers & Allied Craft Workers Local 1, he went for it.

On Wednesday he returned to Humboldt as a journey-level bricklayer – with a message for the school’s seniors about the value of construction careers.

“If you are not planning on going to college, it’s a good option . . .” Flores said. “I like the hands-on type of work. I actually want to open my own company someday. That’s what I’m working at.” Read more »

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