Former USGS head endorses Keystone pipeline

A former head of the U.S. Geological Survey endorsed the idea of building the Keystone XL pipeline Thursday in an editorial contending that the pipeline would be less damaging to the environment than the “viable alternatives” of transporting oil by rail and truck . Read more »

Video: Myth and reality about the minimum wage and its effect on the workforce

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Opponents often say a higher minimum wage is only important to the small segment of the workforce that earns the lowest wages. In reality, the minimum wage is fundamental to maintaining our quality of life, much like overtime, safety, prevailing wage and other workplace standards.

When the minimum wage is too low, all wages are at risk.  Read more »

IBEW’s Holiday Lights raised record amount for local charities in 2013

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and King of Kings Lutheran Church of Woodbury on February 19 announced record fundraising totals from the organizations' Holiday Lights in the Park display in 2013.

Proceeds from the nightly holiday-light display in St. Paul's Phalen Park, as well as a related holiday concert and CD sales, totaled $86,000 last year, the highest amount in the event's six-year run. Read more »

IBEW Father and Daughter’s Long Journey to Sochi Short Track

Update: Emily Scott finished second in her 1,000-meter heat Tuesday morning in Sochi and qualified to advance to Fridays quarterfinals. On Saturday, Scott made it to the finals in the 1,500 meters, when another skater crashed and wiped out Scott who was able to get back in the race, but finished in fifth place. She failed to qualify for the 500 meters last week. Read more »

No Debate: State Department Environmental Analysis Confirms Safety of Keystone XL Pipeline

The following statement was released today by Sean McGarvey, President of North America's Building Trades Unions, upon the release today by the U.S. Department of State of the Keystone XL pipeline Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):

"Any discussion of the Keystone XL pipeline project should center on the fact that it will be constructed by the safest, most highly skilled workforce in the world; in accordance with the strictest environmental and safety standards; and subject to a Project Labor Agreement that will ensure family-sustaining wage and benefit standards.   Read more »

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