NLRB Nominees Set for Full Confirmation Vote

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee yesterday voted (13–9) to send the nominations of Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. The vote will likely be next week.

Schiffer is a former AFL-CIO associate general counsel who also served as an attorney in the NLRB’s regional office in Detroit and in private practice. She told the committee earlier this week: Read more »

Harry Melander: Building builders, growing our economy

Drive to just about any region in our State. Look up or down, and you will see: "We are back."

You see new mining opportunities on the Iron Range and housing developments in our urban core. You see expansion of our medical center in Rochester and new investments in our regional transit system. All are indications that "we are back."

After suffering unemployment rates that reached Depression-year rates, the Building Trades industry is once again back in full swing. Union members are finding work, collecting paychecks and stimulating their local economies. Read more »

Kids These Days: Unions, Workers' Rights and the 'Now' Generation

You've probably heard it from a colleague, or maybe from a friend or family member: "Kids these days... they're just too ambivalent to care about labor unions or workers' rights."  But as it turns out, that's just not true. Young people are actually big fans of unions. Fully 61% of young people view labor unions favorably—that's more than 10 points higher than the national average—according to a new Pew poll. Read more »

Local 563 Delivers the Message of its Diverse Workforce against Cretex to Local Hispanic radio market

Listeners of AM 630 Radio Rey and La Mera Buena FM 107.5 will soon hear how cutting retirement benefitswould devastate workers’ futures.   Radio advertisements produced by Laborers Local 563 in response to Elk River-based Cretex plan to cut employee retirement benefits by roughly 80 percent are set to air on two Twin Cities’ Spanish speaking radio stations.  Read more »

Economic Policy Institute: CEOs Recovering Well, Workers Not So Much

CEOs Recovering Well, Workers Not So Much originally appeared on the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) blog.
Escalating CEO compensation is a major contributor to income inequality. Along with financial sector pay, growing CEO compensation has helped more than double the income share of the top 1 percent over the past three decades. Read more »

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