Project on Capitol construction takes researchers around the state

A groundbreaking project to uncover the stories of the people who built the Minnesota state Capitol has taken researchers not only to downtown St. Paul, but also to Kasota, St. Cloud, Winona and numerous communities around the state.
"Who Built Our Capitol?" is a project of the Labor Education Service at the University of Minnesota. For the past three years, a team assembled by LES staff member Randy Croce has been researching the workers and contractors involved in the Capitol construction from 1896-1907. Read more »

Minnesota Legislature Advancing Strong Pro-Working Family Agenda

At a time when it seems nearly every state legislature is assaulting the rights of working families, Minnesota's House and Senate are bucking the trend and are likely to soon send Gov. Mark Dayton a series of strong pro-working family bills. According to Minnesota AFL-CIO Communications Director Chris Shields, this is the first time in 20 years the state government has been unified under one-party control, with the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party holding the governorship and the majority in both houses of the legislature. Read more »

"Apprenticeship:Building Your Career" video is available on YouTube or by DVD

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"Apprenticeship:Building Your Career" is a fast-paced twelve-minute video overview of what it means to be an apprentice in today's Building Trades. Shooting began last spring and was centered around the $243 million renovation of Union Depot in St.Paul.  Over a dozen apprentices agreed to appear in the video in interviews as well as being filmed working at their job sites. As it happened, shooting finished just as the Union Depot opened its doors to the public after years of reconstruction and rehabilitation.  Read more »

A New Woman: Program Prepares New York Women in the Building Trades

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The Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) program in New York City prepares women for careers in construction and related industries through an innovative training and placement program that guides low-income women toward a meaningful career and solid financial footing. Read more »

MN Building Trades Lobby Day- Trades rally at state capitol for jobs

“Come on, let’s make some noise!” The crowd filling the State Capitol rotunda and two levels of balconies roared out in loud reply to Harry Melander, president of the Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council, as he led-off a March 14 rally. “Thank you for coming,” Melander told hundreds of Building Trades union members. “It’s a much different place here this year — and it’s due to you.”

One year ago at the State Capitol, union members beat back an effort to put a “Right to Work” constitutional amendment on the ballot. Read more »

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