The Most Dishonest Words in American Politics: 'Right to Work'

“Right to work” is the most dishonest phrase in American political discourse. It sounds like it’s defending people’s right to earn a living. But as used by its supporters, it means making it impossible for workers to form an effective union, couched in the language of “freedom” and “choice.” Read more »

Ironworkers Call on Congress to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure

After the collapse of the Skagit River Bridge in Washington State, Ironworkers General President Walter Wise called on Congress to break the unprecedented gridlock and make immediate investment in rebuilding the country's crumbling infrastructure. Wise notes numerous reports in recent years highlight addressing America's infrastructure is long overdue. Read more »

Bridges Shouldn't Have to Collapse for Congress to Get Serious About Infrastructure

“How many more bridges must collapse, how many people must be hurt or die and how many billions of dollars must be drained from our economy before Congress makes investing in the basic infrastructure of our country a priority?”

That was the question from Terry O’Sullivan, the general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, after last week’s collapse of the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Skagit River in Washington State.

O’Sullivan has asked it before. Read more »

Opposition to Unions Has Real-World Consequences

New York Times editorial this weekend criticizes Republican obstructionism designed to stop the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from protecting workers' rights by blocking President Obama's appointments to the board. Read more »

Up the Creek? No Worry, We’ve Got a Bridge

The Union Sportsmen's Alliance (USA) Adopt-a-Park initiative is making sure hikers in Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville, Tenn., have a safe new bridge to cross a 30-foot-wide creek.

Volunteers from the Nashville Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC) are spending weekends in May building a sturdy, permanent bridge to replace a small, temporary structure further down the creek after a 2010 flood washed away the original bridge. Read more »

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