Building Trades Statement on the 2012 Elections

"On behalf of the skilled craft professionals that comprise America's Building Trades Unions, I offer our heartfelt congratulations to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on their historic re-election. 

I also offer our prayers for the President and the Vice President as they begin the process of governing and moving our nation forward with an "invest in America" strategy that seeks to build our country from the middle out and rehabilitate and rebuild recently devastated areas that need our help. Read more »

Commentary: Union workers save lives, power Hurricane Sandy recovery

The recovery from Hurricane Sandy is going to require time, money and effort. And, like so many of the heroic rescues that happened during the storm, much of the effort is going to come from union members, and especially from the unionized public workers that the Republican Party has worked so hard to hurt over the past couple of years. Read more »

Job openings grow across Minnesota, but quality remains poor

More job openings are available in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota, but the pace of employment growth still lags and the quality of many of the jobs is poor, according to an analysis by the JOBS NOW Coalition.

There are nearly twice as many job openings in the Twin Cities Metro Region as three years ago, according to the updated Job Vacancy Survey from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. There are now 34,600 metro job openings, which means that most of the openings that vanished during the Great Recession have been regained, JOBS NOW said. Read more »

U.S. Labor Department collects back pay for building workers in Woodbury, St. Michael - The U.S. Department of Labor said it has recovered $430,000 in back wages for 59 employees performing drywall hanging and finishing work on the Uptown at City Walk housing project in Woodbury and the city hall, library and senior center construction project in St. Michael.

A government investigation found subcontractors on the projects violated provisions of federal wage laws requiring contractors who are working on federally funded projects to pay the proper prevailing wages to their workers as determined by the secretary of labor. Read more »

Union pensions fund new downtown Minneapolis housing

MINNEAPOLIS - Members of the Building Trades, along with investors and city officials, broke ground for a new rental housing development in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis that is funded through union pensions.
“We believe Dock Street will prove to be a sound investment for our investors,” Kevin McCarthy, representing the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust, said of the Dock Street residences, located at 333 Washington Ave. N. Read more »

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