Be a Star on New Outdoor TV Series

You work hard to keep this country running. You make a difference in your community. And you're passionate about the outdoors and passing on our hunting and fishing heritage to the next generation. That makes you a star in our book, so the Union Sportsmen's Alliance wants you on Brotherhood Outdoors.

The new outdoor TV series, which will begin airing on Sportsman Channel in July 2011, will portray two kinds of adventure. In some episodes, host Tom Ackerman will take guests on an outfitted hunting or fishing trip in North America, often with a union member-owned outfitting operation. In others, the tables will be turned as union guests play the guide, taking Tom to their secret hunting spot or honey-hole.

So whether you want to take a break from the do-it-yourself routine and join Tom for a guided hunting or fishing adventure or show your union brothers and sisters and the rest of America that you've got the skill and experience to be the guide, get your application in today and be a star on Brotherhood Outdoors!

For more information and registration details, download an application.

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