Convention Call for the 71st Annual Convention of the MN State Building & Construction Trades Council

This year's convention will be on Thursday and Friday, July 27th - 28th, 2017 at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, 5734 Sturgeon Lake Road, Welch, MN 55089, Telephone: 800-222-7077.

When making room reservations, please mention that you are with the Minnesota State Building Trades.  Deadline for reservations is June 30, 2017.

REGISTRATION begins at 8:00 AM on July 27. The Convention will convene at 12:00 PM


The following information can be downloaded here FOR EASY PRINTING.


Each affiliate in good standing will be entitled to the following number of delegates:


Each Affiliate in good standing will be entitled to the following number of delegates:

  • Building and Construction Trades Council     4 delegates
  • District Craft Councils or Conferences           2 delegates
  • Local Unions                                                 4 delegates

Each Local Union may send one (1) apprentice to the convention as a guest, without a vote.  Although apprentices are not delegates, they must be credentialed and register for the convention. 

  • Local Union Units                                         2 delegates

A Local Union Unit is one which holds regular meetings in their respective Building Trades Council's jurisdictional area, and which has officers to conduct such meetings.


  • District Craft Council or Conference     $50.00 affiliation fee
  • Each Unit of a Local Union                   $50.00 affiliation fee per unit
  • Fees must be paid annually, at least 30 days prior to the Convention, by June 27, 2017. 


Please send at your earliest convenience, but no later than July 12th.   Mail or deliver to our office at:

MN State Building and Construction Trades Council

353 W. 7th Street, Room 105

St. Paul MN 55102

Credentials must be received at least 15 days prior to the convention, by July 12th, along with a registration fee of $150.00 per delegate.  The registration fee includes 1 ticket for the COPE Reception on Thursday evening.  Additional COPE tickets are $30 each.


Must be typed and received no later than June 27, 2017, at least 30 days prior to the start of the convention.  Resolutions not in the hands of this office by June 27, 2017, are considered late, and must receive the consent of a majority of the delegates present for introduction on the first day of the convention.  After the close of the first day of the convention, it shall require the consent of two-thirds of the delegates to introduce any resolution.


Please consider a donation to help offset the cost of the convention.  In addition, if you can give any door prizes for the giveaway at the COPE dinner, it would be very much appreciated!

Any questions about with fees, credentials or resolutions, please call us at 651.287.9999, or email Heidi Walsh at hwalsh(at)

We look forward to seeing you at the convention this year, and hope your organization will send a full delegation.


Picture of Melander signature

Harry Melander                                                                     Craig Olson

President                                                                               Secretary Treasurer

Send names and contact information for each delegate and apprentice, including mailing address, telephone, and email address to Heidi at hwalsh(at)  Thank you.

Delegates:                                                          ____ @ $70 each =  $_________

Apprentices:                                                       ____ @ $0 each =    $_________

Affiliation Fee for District Craft Council or Conference ____ @ $25 = $_________

Affiliation Fee for each Unit of a Local Union                ____ @ $15 = $_________


                                                                                 TOTAL              $_________