Death of the Liberal Class

On October 29th, Truthdig posted an excerpt of a new book, "Death of the Liberal Class" written by Chris Hedges. The book is an indictment of all institutions which have stood for progressive causes over the decades. Hedges maintains that in a traditional democracy, the liberal class functions as a safety valve. It makes piecemeal and incremental reform possible. It offers hope for change and proposes gradual steps toward greater equality.  The 256 page book sells for  about $16 through or there is a Kindle edition available for $10. There is also a $40 version available on CD. The reviews posted on Amazon are mostly positive.

There was some trouble activating the URL from Truthdig. In order to access the entire excerpt go to and insert Death of the Liberal Class in the search box. There are also a couple of interviews of Mr. Hedges which shed some light onto our current economic challenges and how we got this mess.