Employment Trends and Projections in Construction

Beginning this year, the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) will publish Quarterly Data Reports to illuminate the quickly changing construction industry and better serve construction stakeholders. These data reports, published on CPWR’s website, will cover topics directly related to the safety and health of construction workers. They will be presented in a similar format to the CPWR Data Briefs, but will be published four times per year. Each report will focus on a specific topic (e.g., construction employment, fatal injuries) as well as emerging issues (e.g., safety and health in green construction), using large nationally representative data sources. Readers will be able to access the charts in PowerPoint and download the entire Quarterly Data Report as a PDF from cpwr.com.

This CPWR Quarterly Data Report, the first of its kind, describes the findings on the recovery of construction employment since the recent economic downturn and employment projections for the coming years.

What's Inside the Report?

  1. Construction employment and unemployment since the beginning of the recession
  2. Union membership and coverage in construction, by major occupation and state
  3. Employment projections in construction, by industry subsector, major occupation, and state.