Exhibit showcases workers who renovated Capitol

(by Randy Croce; Photo courtesy and © Tom Olmscheid) An exhibit at the newly renovated state Capitol showcases the workers who restored the building over the past few years. The photographs by Tom Olmsheid are on display in the newly opened building's basement. The black-and-white images of trades men and women give a sense of the diversity of jobs and workers on the project.  These skilled workers brought the statehouse back to the beauty of its 1905 appearance, while modernizing it for use in the 21st century. 

The pictures of workers, composed to show the jobs they do, also give a sense of their individual personalities as they look back at Olmscheid and at those who are fortunate to view these wonderful images.

A selection of the photographs can be seen on Olmscheid's website.

This exhibit is one way in which the public is honoring workers at the Capitol. Another is a plaque to be installed later this year commemorating those involved in the original construction, including six workers who died. A panel recently selected the plaque design from submissions by students from around the state.

More information can be found at the Who Built Our Capitol? website(link is external), a project of the University of Minnesota Labor Education Service, that includes a video, resources and school curriculum.

Article reprinted from Workday Minnesota. Randy Croce is on the staff at Labor Education Service, U of MN, and he is the project manager of "Who Built Our Capitol."