OSHA-NIOSH Heat Illness Info Sheet: Protecting Workers from Heat Illness

With the onset of summer weather and high temperatures, workers may be required to work in hot environments for extended periods. This OSHA/NIOSH fact sheet provides information to employers and workers on measures they should take to prevent heat-related illnesses and death.

Ten Years Of The Bush Tax Cuts Benefiting The Rich

On June 7, 2001, President George W. Bush signed into law the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, the first of two "Bush tax cuts." That measure reduced the top income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, and reduced capital gains and estate taxes. In the 10 years since the first Bush tax cut went into effect, the rich only became richer.

Ten Charts that Prove the United States Is a Low-Tax Country

The United States is a low-tax country. That’s true for individuals and for corporations, and it’s true whether you compare us to other countries or the America of the past. No matter how you slice it the conclusion is the same. (Contributions by Tony De Angelis)

65th Annual Convention of the MN State Building & Construction Trades Council

The 65th Annual Convention of the Minnesota State Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO, will be held Thursday, and Friday, July 21 & 22, 2011, at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 200 West First Street, Duluth, MN 800-477-7089.

Registration begins at 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 21, and the Convention will be called to order at 12:00 PM. A tentative agenda is in this article.

Each affiliate in good standing will be entitled to the following number of delegates:


Not a Happy Anniversary: 10 Years of Bush Tax Cuts

Today is the 10-year  anniversary of President Bush’s tax cuts that went mostly to very rich individuals and big corporations. Read more »

State workers laid off in shutdown could get millions in severance

If no budget agreement is reached and state government is forced to shut down on July 1, state workers losing their jobs could be eligible for severance, accrued vacation and compensatory payments that could total tens of millions of dollarss, a union official told the St. Cloud Times. Read more »

Changing Our Story

In August 2010 the the UA Journal Canada published an article about image, education and training. The article talks about how little the outside world knows about the career opportunities in the organized construction industry. With permission, Mark Breslin reprinted the thought provoking piece with a new emphasis on the career opportunities in the construction industry.

Good News for Street Protesters: Inflatable Rats Are OK!

NLRB rules that use of blow-up vermin is protected form of speech, By Akito YoshikaneThe giant inflatable rats used by unions to protest employer labor practices are legally permissible, the National Labor Relations Board ruled last week. The decision allows labor groups to display the large, blow-up vermin outside companies and secondary employers. The board, in a 3-1 ruling, said the tactic does not violate U.S. Read more »

There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Deal With a Jobs Crisis -- Why Is Germany Doing It So Well?

Germany's success indicates that one way to fight unemployment would be some modest efforts to give U.S. employers incentives to cut hours, not workers.

Budget impasse leaves construction workers high and dry

The budget impasse at the state Capitol couldn’t come at a worse time for Minnesota construction workers, who face the leanest job prospects in the nation.

The latest figures compiled by the Associated General Contractors of America show Minnesota saw the steepest decline in construction jobs of any state over the last year. Read more »