Laborers' statement on comments made by candidate for DFL-House 3A Bill Hansen

Duluth, MN (September 21, 2015) – The Laborers District Council of Minnesota and North Dakota released a statement tonight on DFL House 3A candidate Bill Hansen's offensive remarks towards Minnesota construction workers, made in a video posted on Youtube:


“A video posted on shows Bill Hansen speaking some insulting words about the construction workers that live and work in Northern Minnesota. In that video he states:

'We need the jobs. Jobs are important. But those aren’t the jobs we want. In this modern age, these projects are going to be man camps…that clear out the community, create a lot of crime, prostitution, gambling. All kinds of community problems and tend to drive out other sustainable jobs.'

Mr. Hansen has been an outspoken critic of the copper/nickel mining projects proposed for Minnesota. So those comments come as no surprise. What is disturbing, is that someone running for political office would so easily dismiss jobs paying $25+/hour with family healthcare benefits, pensions and training programs. Jobs like those are the backbone of strong families and communities; jobs that bring people in and keep them here.

What is most disappointing, however, is that to this point both sides have carried on a respectful debate. Now in the heat of an election campaign, Mr. Hansen has apparently revealed what he truly thinks of the men and women of the Laborers Union and other construction workers. His distorted view of construction workers is at best uninformed. At worst, it seems like pandering to a group of voters for political gain."

Dan Olson, President & Business Manager
Laborers Union Local #1091
Duluth, MN

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