Market Recovery in the Heartland

On September 22, Mark Paulos made a presentation to Business Managers, Lobbyists and Organizers who are affiliated with the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council. Mark is Executive Director of the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC). Harry Melander, President of MN BCTC, invited Mr. Paulos to summarize what the IIIFFC was doing to help expand the unionized sector of the construction industry in parts of Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. He went on to describe how he administers a $2.5 million budget and twenty-one full time staff. Many of the employees of III FFC are retired law enforcement officers who understand the details of criminal investigations.

By its activities, the III FFC enhances opportunities in support of fair bidding for responsible contractors, ensures the fair payment of wages & fringe benefits, & protects taxpayer dollars. This labor-management group has a clear vision of law enforcement and fairness. It has become a watchdog and a model for proper employee compensation while creating a level playing field for responsible contractors.

The III FFC has five basic activities: Tracking, Education, Monitoring, Complaints and Follow-up.

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