New video promotes the popular "Construct Tomorrow" program

In these days of skyrocketing costs of attending college it would be nice if there was another option available to graduating high school seniors. 

There is. 

It’s called “Construct Tomorrow” and it’s designed to open the door on the career opportunities available in the skilled construction trades. The program began in 2013 at a jobs fair organized by unions from the building trades at Humboldt High School in St. Paul. Since then, the program has expanded rapidly as requests have come in from a growing number schools around the state. 

Picture of upcoming Construct Tomorrow eventsTo get a good idea of what “Construct Tomorrow” is all about, there is a new 9-minute video that describes the program. Sponsors of  “Construct Tomorrow,” the Apprenticeship Coordinators Association, the Associated General Contractors, and the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, are very pleased to have this tool available. 

“The Construct Tomorrow team is thrilled to have a promotional video to highlight this innovative program that connects hands-on learners to the great opportunities offered by careers in the construction building trades,” says Mary Desjarlais,Contract Services Manager, T.E.A.M. “We want parents to understand that their son or daughter can begin an apprenticeship as soon as high-school concludes and begin to make a livable wage with great benefits without incurring crippling college debt.”   

Christa Seaberg, Diversity Manager at J.E.Dunn Construction, says, “The Construct Tomorrow video highlights the amazing hands on interaction that we were hoping to provide the students during our events.  It is a great way to spread the word about our program to people in the construction industry, government, education and communities in general.”

Says Sam Greenwood, Apprenticeship Training Center, Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1, “Having the “Construct Tomorrow” video allows me as a training center coordinator to show off the great exposure of the construction industry that is achieved to my JATC board and also my union members.  The video also allows me to connect with high school students that I’m visiting that have never been to the event.”

The video, produced by the Labor Education Service at the University of Minnesota, is available here, as well as on various Facebook pages and websites. Watch for it on the MN Department of Labor and Industry website. 

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