A Public Service Website to Protect Construction Standards

The public has the right to expect that Minnesota‚Äôs construction contractors will comply with the law when working on government projects.  That expectation led to the 2015 enactment of the Responsible Contractor Law, which requires contractors on public projects to satisfy the minimum legal criteria to work on public projects. This law has definitely caught the attention of those contractors who previously corrected wage violations with only restitution payments, before returning to the public bidding arena consequence free. Now bad business practices have a price.

Image of the Responsible Contractor logoIn July, 2016 the Fair Contracting Foundation (FCF) dedicated resources to a public service website that identifies non-responsible contractors based on public records.  Public owners, general contractors and construction managers now have a resource to learn the eligibility status of their potential business partners on government contracts.  Go to www.responsiblemn.org to view this public service website.