Teamsters Local 320 launch statewide print and radio campaign

Teamsters Local 320, representing some 11,500 public employees throughout Minnesota’s 81 counties, will launch a statewide print and radio campaign beginning Sunday, February 13, urging citizens to tell their legislators to stop the proposed 15% slash to public employee rolls and benefits as part of a Republican plan to plug the state’s $6.2 billion deficit.

Initially, Local 320 will spend $100,000 over 4 weeks on full and ¼ page newspaper ads and 60-second radio spots in Greater Minnesota markets including Duluth, St. Cloud, Brainerd, Bemidji, Rochester and Mankato, as well in the Twin Cities through the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Daily newspaper.

The ads will drive readers and listeners to where they can review and share the first round of ads, and send messages to their legislators.

The Local 320 radio campaign also includes a 60-second spot drawing attention to the proposed “right to work” amendment that could appear on the 2012 Minnesota election ballot if legislators approve it.

“Since former Governor Pawlenty took office in 2002, Minnesota has lost public employees at a greater rate than any other state. Thousands of police, firefighters, teachers and municipal employees have lost their jobs, and communities all over the state have suffered. Minnesota simply can’t afford another 15 percent slash,” said Ed Reynoso, Political Director at Teamsters Joint Council 32 DRIVE.

“This campaign is all about encouraging Minnesotans to have conversations with their legislators about the budget and what’s important. We want Minnesotans to pointedly ask their legislators – ‘If you support the 15% Slash, what and where, exactly, do you intend to cut? Cops? Firefighters? Prison guards? Snowplow drivers?’

“This isn’t just about budgets and numbers. Real cuts to public employees mean real pain for real people,” Reynoso added. 

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