Tradespeople make their case for construction careers

(Duluth News Tribune) “We gotta get young blood into our crafts,” said Russ Whitehouse, a retired Duluth ironworker who continues to serve as an apprentice instructor. “We’re starting to get older.”

Construct Tomorrow, a concept that started in the Twin Cities last year, overtook the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center hall for a first-of-its-kind event in Duluth. The totally interactive showcase featured a welding simulator, the chance for students to run electrical wire, tests of hammering acumen and actual bricklaying.

“It’s pretty interesting,” said Kiersten Evenson, a Moose Lake sophomore who donned a hefty ironworking harness and tried her hand at tying rebar. While she wasn’t at the 27-per-minute clip that a good apprentice can reach, she held her own. Evenson said she liked how the trades often incorporate math.

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