Tuesday is national day of solidarity with the unemployed

Tuesday 6 December 2010

The AFL-CIO is spearheading a national effort to support the millions of American workers still seeking jobs in the current recession. The federation has declared Tuesday, Dec. 7, an “Online Day of Solidarity” with jobless workers.

Every day that Congress refuses to restore unemployment insurance benefits for workers, 38,710 jobless men and women lose their benefits — more than one every second. Since Nov. 30, more than a million workers have lost their unemployment insurance — and that number will climb to 2 million by the end of December.

While the jobless are seeing their holidays shattered, Republicans are holding all legislation hostage until they win an extension of the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Participants in the Online Day of Solidarity are being asked to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to call for action to support the unemployed. Learn more.