Truck company owner pleads guilty in prevailing wage case

Gary Francis Bauerly, owner of WATAB Hauling Co., pleaded guilty Monday in Hennepin County District Court to felony theft by swindle over $35,000 for not paying his workers prevailing wage required for road work for federal, state and local governments.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said the case is a warning that violations of the prevailing wage will be punished.

“I want the workers to be made whole,” Freeman noted. “I want the message to go out that you can debarred” from future government contracts. Read more »

Unions Continue to Help Out Working Families Hit Hard by Sandy

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While John Boehner and his allies in the U.S.House of Representatives play politics with aid to families whose lives were shattered by Superstorm Sandy, numerous unions have stepped up to provide money and supplies to those in need. Here are a few examples of how unions are helping families recover from the storm's devastation. Read more »

Laborers Union Apprenticeship Program Trains a New Generation

Like other Building Trades apprenticeships, the Laborers’ (LIUNA's) training program prepares men and women for careers in construction. The apprenticeship program at the Northern California Laborers Training Center in San Ramon is relatively new and has been providing training for new laborers for just 12 years. Apprenticeship coordinator Manny Carrillo said as the work that Laborers do has become more specialized and the workers need to learn more skills, the program is now mandatory. Read more »

Locked-out workers and families receive generous support from unions, individuals

Locked-out workers and families receive generous support from unions, individuals;Teamsters and Laborers trucks bring toys and food from St. Paul.  As the lockout’s second Christmas approaches, food and toys and financial contributions have been pouring in to the Red River Valley in support of workers and their families whom Crystal Sugar Company shut out from their jobs over 16 months ago. Read more »

10 Things to Know About What Happened in Michigan on Thursday

1.) The Michigan House and Senate on Tuesday passed so-called “right to work” bills. “Right to work” laws effectively defund the ability of workers to have a voice at their workplace. In 23 other states, these laws have lowered wages, weakened benefits, raised the poverty rate, and led to increased workplace injuries and deaths. The House passed one such bill and the Senate passed two. Read more »

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