Union pensions fund new downtown Minneapolis housing

MINNEAPOLIS - Members of the Building Trades, along with investors and city officials, broke ground for a new rental housing development in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis that is funded through union pensions.
“We believe Dock Street will prove to be a sound investment for our investors,” Kevin McCarthy, representing the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust, said of the Dock Street residences, located at 333 Washington Ave. N. Read more »

Energy Retrofitting Could Become $400 Billion Industry, Create 160,000 Jobs

Retrofitting buildings has the potential to reduce our nation’s energy usage by 20 percent while creating more than 150,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Department of EnergyRead more »

Are You Ready For Some Football? The NFL Says "Yes" to Project Labor Agreements

Since 1998, 18 NFL stadiums have been constructed; are currently being constructed; will soon begin construction; or have undergone substantial renovations. 10 of those stadiums - in Baltimore, Foxboro, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Green Bay, New York, Pittsburgh, and Seattle - were constructed or renovated entirely under a PLA. In addition, San Francisco's new stadium is currently being constructed under a PLA in Santa Clara, CA, and the Minnesota Vikings have already stated their preference for a PLA for the construction of their new stadium in Minneapolis. Read more »

Painter built life around a career as bricklayer

(Minneapolis StarTribune) For 32 years, Doug Carlson had an exacting job. He laid bricks for Local No. 1 of the Bricklayers Union. You can see his work everywhere from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul to the Wendy's in Rosemount. "Kind of ran the gamut," he says, over an Americano and a pancake at Trotter's Café in St. Paul. "With bricklaying, things come down to one-thirtieth of an inch." Read more »

1 Job for Every 3.4 Jobless Workers—Skills Shortage Isn't the Problem

Republicans in Congress and the Beltway pundits who parrot them like to say the nation's unemployment crisis is in large part due to workers' lack of skills.

Once again, a new report shows they are wrong.

Data out yesterday show that although the number of jobs is increasing, there still are far fewer jobs per worker available, with 3.4 jobless workers for every one job. The data, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI): Read more »

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